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RSCEmulation is a free RuneScape Classic private server originally founded and released by Kryptix and GaWdZ on August 24, 2009. The source code originated as RSCDaemon, a project that eXemplar, Sean, and Philodespotos developed, but progression with the source eventually came to a hault.

A developer by the name of Reines, decided to take over development of RSCDaemon where the previous mentioned left off, and managed to release a stable server for the public to play. Unfortunately due to legal issues with JaGex, RSCDaemon was forced to close down, and Reines haulted any further development.

After RSCDaemons demise, the source code was leaked publicly, and mass RuneScape Classic private servers were introduced.

RSCEmulation has been running since 2009, but due to unfortunate circumstances, was forced to close temporarily a couple of times. Although RSCEmulation closed temporarily, we managed to retain most of our users data, including their characters, stats, and other important information pertaining to their accounts.

RSCEmulation has been heavily developed, bringing you an almost identical replica of the original game, along with modernized additions and changes, which offer you a more pleasurable gaming experience.

Take a journey back to nostalgia with RSCEmulation, the longest running, most stable RuneScape Classic private server in existence.

Our server is an Intel Core i7-6700K 4.2GHz with 64gB of RAM hosted on a 250mB/s connection based in Beauharnois, CA.

For more information please view our Frequently Asked Questions.


Administrators generally own and run RSCEmulation. It's their responsibility to keep everything under control as well as recruiting the other staff. They update, maintain and develop the server, game, database and website. You should only contact an administrator if other staff members ask you to as they're normally busy.



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Moderators control how the game runs. It's their responsibility to enforce rules, handle bans/mutes and keep the game fair for everyone. They train new staff members, moderate the forum and assist players wherever possible.

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Developers assist the administrators in developing RSCEmulation.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There's many questions new (and old) players will want to ask so instead of us having to answer them over and over again, we felt it would be easier to list the most common questions right here. Simply click the question to show the answer. If your question isn't answered here or you think there's a question that should be here please post a new topic in our Support section.