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  • Information about upcoming patch & suggestions.

    Late Easter Event
    Chocolate bunny inventory item, an item that will give you 3x experience boost in both combat and skilling, lasting for 3 hours per consume.
    This item can only be gathered by doing a small mini-quest as many times as you like, and the quest will be available for 2 days total. We won't be removing the chocolate bunny item, it can still be used after the event until you run out of them. Once again we will not be removing them like we did with the Holiday Elixirs.

    New wearable easter outfit, a funny looking suit, representing a bunny. It will fit together nicely with the bunny ears.
    Not only is it a funny looking suit, but you will be able to recolor it yourself to other colors such as Orange, Purple, Black, Green, Blue and other available colors.
    At first we thought we would implement this outfit in a part 2 of the mini-quest above, however we know that the majority hates questing so instead we will keep it simple and let you farm the suit from monsters instead.


    Chat options & EULA:
    The community has recently requested options to manage the Trade and Global chat better. Disable or enable messages from said tab.
    This feature has been added to the Settings menu as well as icons indicating if the tab is on or off.

    We can't deny the fact that there was always a lot of trolling in the global chat. Not only trolling but pure disrespect and making new players feel stupid and not welcomed to... Read More

  • Finale!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    After a long week of successful events, the time has come for our finale. Our finale will be held tomorrow, Sunday, March 25th, at 2PM PST/5PM EST. Our finale event, will be held at the same place as our previous event, Varrock square and garden. The event will consist of a variety of rares, dropped at random.

    Effective immediately of this post, the following changes have also been made, to our previous automated events:

    - Removed event chests.
    - We will be keeping the 2 hour giveaways.
    - All rares will be added to our NPC's (monsters) drop tables.
    - Moderators will still hold a few events (time to be determined based on their availability).

    We planned for this event to be in Varrock again, simply for Nostalgia, and the fact that the area is ideal for such an event. Judging by the last event there, it was a large success, but forced us to tweak our client just to be able to handle the player load. That on it's own, is a great achievement, and for that we would like to thank you again.

    We would like this event to surpass our last, let's make this one, the one to remember. We hope to see you all there!

    RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • Stat Reduction

    Greetings Adventurers,

    Over trained a specific stat or want to try out a new build? Head on over to the character management page and select "stat reduce" to do so. The stat reducer will allow you the ability to reduce a stat that is a combat only stat, above level 61 (for 2 subscription cards), or under level 60 (for one subscription card). If you are reducing a combat stat above level 60, the lowest you can sub down to will be 61. If you are reducing a stat that is below 60, the lowest you can sub down to is to level 1.

    To further clarify how this works, here is a simple break down:

    - Any combat stat above level 61 (62 - 99) will cost you 2 subscription cards to sub down. You can sub down to any level below your current level, but above level 60, at the cost mentioned, 2 subscription cards.
    - Any combat stat below level 60 (59 - 1) will cost you 1 subscription card to sub down. You can sub down to any level below your current level, but above level 1, at the cost mentioned, 1 subscription card.
    - Level 60 is deemed a "dead level" and cannot be subbed down to or from.
    - Level 61 cannot be subbed down to level 60.

    Thank you all for your patience waiting for this functionality, a few other things took priority, as it's been quite a busy week!

    RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • Thank you everyone thus far!

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who has participated in our events since the 19th of March (Monday).
    We have broke multiple records HEAVILY, and not to be that type of server, but it has not been seen since Kryptix ran RSCE. Its a fact and we are extremely proud to deliver that kind of excitement during this event.

    We had a few hiccups along the way, the crash in Varrock square today for example but Rain quickly resolved the issue with his programming skills within just a few minutes so that we could host the drop party.

    I think that the hype the RSC community has recieved this week is very rare and very extraordinary, looking back just a year ago you couldnt have imagined to see 240+ unique players, surely there was 550 online, many multilogged but it gave us the nostalgia we have all been wanting for YEARS.

    We are one of the biggest servers out there, and we are going to fight the hardest we can, and I'm not saying that for the fun of it... However it's up to you how RSCE is going to be designed for the future. We listen to everyone of you, even though your voice might not be heard, we take the majority. That is what split us apart from other servers, we actually listen to our players.

    We feel for the players who did not get a rare during this week, but we can only satisfy just a portion of our players. RNG is a bitch right... Not to be a joker but its very hard to make everyone happy. It simply isn't going to happen.

    The next two days is going... Read More

  • [DAY 5] Drop Party (Party Hats and Christmas Crackers) In Varrock!

    The time has come for party hats and xmas crackers!


    Location: Varrock Market/Varrock Garden.

    Items dropped: Party Hats (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Magenta, White) and Christmas Crackers


    We hope to see everyone there and that you've had a fun week and will have a fun weekend playing RSCEmulation.