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  • December 8/2019 Fixes/Changes

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons!

    The following changes have been implemented as of 12/08/19

    [b][-] Auction House issue has been fixed. We've added only one Auctioneer to Edgeville bank for now for testing purposes
    [-] Admins ability to alter wilderness state has been updated, they can now toggle whether GodSpells CAN or CANNOT be used while state is toggled to P2P
    [-] Added more Klanks Gauntlets to Lealia's shop behind Edgeville bank (10 total)
    [-] Wilderness Agility course underground only allowing F2P items is fixed (May still display F2P for now)
    [-] Player must confirm now that they want to travel from Al Kharid to Viking Island via the rowboat, also a 5 second out of combat timer has been added from Viking Island to Al Kharid
    [-] Global notification if a Mysterious Chest/Skull mask has been dropped from Chaos Imp fixed. Prior to update, If Chaos Imp dropped a Mysterious Chest the... Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Greetings RSCEmulation patrons!

    We here @RSCEmulation would like to wish you all a very HAPPY Thanksgiving. I know we've gotten a lot of PM's asking if we're doing something for Thanksgiving, don't you worry. For those of you who do not have any family engagements or do not celebrate the holiday, we'll be holding a 12-hour Skill Island event and two 1-hour Viking Raid events. The Staff Team will also be holding events throughout the day, announcements will be posted via Discord.

    [-] Skill Island will start at 12:00pm Eastern Time (5:00PM UTC)

    [-] 1-hour Viking Raid will start at 2:00pm Eastern Time (7:00PM UTC)

    [-] 1-hour Viking Raid will start at 8:00pm Eastern Time (1:00AM... Read More

  • November 25/2019 Fixes/Changes

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons!

    The following changes have been made live as of 11/25/2019

    Attention Android users: If you have issues updating the app, please uninstall, clear your browser cache then reinstall here.

    Game Updates

    [b][-] Skill Island will now have notifications as to when it's ending and how much time is left upon logging in if it's active
    [-] Wilderness state (1-48) can now be toggled by an Administrator - God Spells WILL be allowed if toggled to P2P
    [-] Viking Lair state can now be toggled by an Administrator - God Spells will NOT be allowed if toggled to P2P
    [-] Viking Lair and 1-48 Wilderness current states will now be displayed upon logging in
    [-] Castle in lvl 14 wilderness has had a makeover. To use the gate leading to the... Read More

  • Returning role/New Staff addition

    Hello fellow RSCEmulation players,

    We would like to announce the exciting return of Event Moderators! This returning role is here to assist the growth of RSCE by running events, assist players with in-game inquiries (within their powers) and ensuring an enjoyable environment for all players. Event Moderators will have limited powers but still deserve the same respect as the other senior Staff members in-game, so any disrespect towards them will not be tolerated.

    With all that being said we would like to welcome the first Event Moderator aboard, Mod J (aka Betterdays)! Mod J has demonstrated all the qualities we look for when selecting a Staff member, with his extensive in-game knowledge, the burning desire to assist other players and the ability to volunteer sufficient time to assisting each player in need. We have no doubt that he will perform up... Read More

  • RSCE's 2019 Halloween Event! + Misc fixes

    Hello RSCEmulation friends & family!

    We at RSCEmulation would like to wish each & every one of you a Happy Halloween! This is a wonderful time to spend with friends & family alike, and we hope you take the time out to enjoy it with those special people. Please be safe out there tonight and for those of you who perhaps don't have plans today, we would love to extend a warm invitation to our Halloween Quest event.


    Starting the Quest

    Speak to Azrael in one of the following locations: Edgeville, Varrock Town Square, Draynor Village, and Deathmatch... Read More