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Poll: Should we allow full transfers from our 2017 RSCLegacy database? Voters: 310.

  • - Yes
  • - No
  • - Partial transfers
  • Regarding Transfers and Updates

    Details regarding the RSCEmulation Version (1) Transfers:

    We are aware of issues some players have had with their transfers, it's being worked on!

    Status: COMPLETE!


    1.1 Transfer your Forum and Game Characters: V1 Transfer Page

    1.2 Account look up tool for an easy way to find your characters: LOOKUP TOOL

    1.3 Recover your account(s) via Email: RECOVERY TOOL


    2.1 Transferred characters requires a password change in order to log in. You must visit your Character Manager and change the password.

    2.2 There will be a 2 weeks time frame to Transfer your old account(s). At 19th June 2018 the possibility to retrieve your old accounts will no longer be possible from the RSCEmulation V1 Database.

    2.3 If you are attempting to recover an account and the email is a yahoo email, you will NOT receive the email as Yahoo is blocking emails. If this is the case, please contact Pyru in discord or by sending a PM on the forums, and he will assist you with the recovery (Discord is much better for direct contact).

    [u][b]NEW... Read More

  • V1 Transfers, Free PK Gear, Spells & Casts, New Capes & MORE!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    We are very excited to announce some major updates and changes to RSCEmulation, which take affect immediately following this post. We have made a lot of the changes with our community in mind, the previous loyal players who devoted countless amounts of time and money, and players who just overall enjoyed playing RSCEmulation.

    V1 Transfers Are Now Live!


    We have coded a system which will allow you to transfer over any of your v1 characters to our current game. Here are some answers and helpful information regarding transfers:

    - You will get to keep your completed quests and quest points for those completed quests.
    - All items will be transferred (inventory and bank, excluding gold, and custom rares. All normal rares will come along) with your character(s).
    - Your bank (since it was shared on v1) will be transferred to the FIRST character you transfer off, if you have multiple characters on the same account.
    - We have coded in an easy way to find your accounts using our lookup tool.
    - We have coded in the ability to recover your account(s) if you supplied a valid email address using our recovery tool.
    - If you know the password to a character or forum account, ALL the characters that belonged on the... Read More

  • New Staff Additions

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    In light of our upcoming transfer and push towards growing our community, we have added some new members to our staff team. We feel the new moderators have the passion, skills, and motivation to helping us with our push towards success.

    We would like you all to join us in welcoming them aboard.

    Mod Evans
    Mod Aussie
    Mod Root

    In addition, we would also like to thank Mod Killy and Mod Murda, for their time as moderators here. We wish them all the best moving forward.

    RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • V1 Transfers Update!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    Just an update to inform you all what has been done in terms of progression towards "v1" transfers. So far we have started the database conversion and we are very excited to let you know that we have recovered 175,500 character accounts. The one downside we have noticed though is that GP (gold) cannot be transferred, there was just far too much (and I mean, FAR too much). We hope this alone will bring in some excitement towards what's to come!

    RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • Transfers & Direction

    RSCEmulation Players,

    Our main goal when re-launching RSCEmulation was to bring back the once very popular, friendly, and fun server for you all to enjoy. We also understood it would be a great challenge given RSCEmulation's previous history, the current competition, and the limited amount of players still interested in such an old game, but we still felt it was a task we could accomplish.

    With the amount of support you all have given us, we felt driven, and had a very passionate desire to keep pushing forward. As we attempted to keep pushing out updates, we ended up taking on more than we could handle, and began to fall far behind scheduled update releases. In turn, our players (you) suffered, the excitement every player had was diminishing rather quickly, and players lost the trust and hope in our success.

    Admittedly we have "dropped the ball" one too many times, but that does not mean that we cannot recover, and continue the successful path we were once headed down. If you have lost trust in us as a team, we apologize, and hope that you can see the sincerity this post offers. We know there are a lot of people who dislike RSCEmulation and want to see it fail, but there are also a lot of people who have spent a lot of their time, money, and feelings invested in to this server. We want nothing more than to make things right, be given the opportunity to do so, and have the players who enjoy this server stick around because we know what we are capable of.

    If you have lost... Read More