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  • 38's Hybrid 1v1 DM Event

    Event Type: Level 38 Hybrids 1v1 DM (F2P)

    Time: January 23rd, 2021 (SATURDAY) @ 5PM Eastern time | 4PM Central | 2PM Pacific | 10PM UK | 11PM Sweden | 12PM Finland | 8AM Australia

    Location: ::event will be set in DM Arena II

    Stats Required: Attack - Any |   Defense - 1   |    Strength - 40+  |   Hits - Any   |   Prayer - Any   |   Mage - 40+
    ~ Your Pker must be 1 Defense, anything over 1 Def will not be allowed to participate

    Items required: Weapons/Armor / Food / Pots / Runes

    Player Cap: 16

    Rules: 1 IP only, NO WEAKENS, MUST HAVE 1 DEF Supply your own gear, anyone who abuses our rules will be disqualified from event and temp banned from joining events.

    Prize: 100M GP

    Donator: Anonymous

    Event Start Date/Time: o3ur5tRhAvrjqQ

    Please PM Lex or Mod Swayy on Discord the character name you will be... Read More

  • RSCEmulation's 2020 Christmas!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends and family here at RSCEmulation!

    What a crazy year 2020 has been for everyone! With it fast reaching it's end, it's time once again to don your ugly sweaters, put up your christmas lights, break out the egg nog and avoid radio stations playing "All I want for Christmas is you".

    So join us at RSCE for some festivities and frivolities!



    [b]Santa has returned! Though he is a little lost.. He will announce his arrival over global chat (Make sure you have it on!) with hints to where he is. Find him and stay CLOSE until he leaves, for a chance at receiving a present! (If you've made the nice list) but even if you make the... Read More

  • Flats God of War Event

    Event Type: Flats God Of War (F2P) - Free Entry!
    Congratulations to Just M0nk on winning the event!

    Time: November 15th, 2020 (SUNDAY) @ 4PM Eastern time | 3PM Central | 1PM Pacific | 9PM UK | 10PM Sweden | 11PM Finland | 7AM Australia

    Location: ::event will be set in Castle War Island

    Stats Required: Attack - 99  |   Defense - 99   |   Strength - 99   |   Prayer - 1 - 99(60+)  |   Mage - 1 - 99 (69+)

    Items required: Rune Armour, Rune Weapon, Diamond Ammy, Swordfish, Strength pot, Fire Blast cast runes

    Player Cap: 16

    Event Start Date/Time: GJLXS4eZyIi38Q?1604893196386

    Rules: 1 IP only, NO WEAKENS, NO BAXE KITE COMBO, Supply your own gear, anyone who abuses our rules will be disqualified from event and temp banned.

    [b][u]How To... Read More

  • Delayed Halloween Quest

    We know Halloween has come and gone already, but rather than scrapping the quest and disappointing you guys, we wanted to release it regardless. Once again we're sorry about the delay, we continuously ran into quest breaking bugs but hopefully we've sorted most (if not all of them) out. With that, we are happy to announce that the quest *WAS* finally live...

    Halloween Quest **N/A**

    [b][color=white]Azrael is back with another quest. This will be similar to last years but with some changes. Azrael will be placed in Edgeville behind the bank when the event starts. Each character can do the quest up to 3 times. PLEASE read the dialogue carefully, the Staff will not be there at all times to guide you through the entire thing. If you encounter any bugs, please remain patient and a Staff member will be able to assist you as soon as they become... Read More

  • 10/31/2020 Updates + 2020 Halloween Event

    Greetings Friends!

    First off, we'd like to apologize for the delay and not releasing our plans for Halloween sooner. We have been spending ALL of our free time working as many of the small issues out of the event that we could with the time we had each day. We'd like to apologize in advance if there are any bugs encountered, we did our best to work all of them out.

    Below is the list of fixes and updates that have been made live as of 10/31/2020, please note some of these may have already been implemented prior to this announcement.

    Misc Fixes/Updates

    [color=white][b][-] Purple clothing + hair has been added to Makeover Mage
    [-] Cape/Max Hood/Max Cape/Bunny Suit have been re-coloured to Lex's "Proper Purple"
    [-] If only one player enters lottery, they will receive their full buy-in back
    [-]... Read More