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  • RSCE's 10-Year Anniversary + Minor Updates!

    Hello Friends & Family!

    Today marks a very special day for us. August 24, 2009 was the initial opening day for RSCE started by Luke Leary (Kryptix). A whole decade has passed us by since then. From different owners, staff members, edge many memories have been made. Friendships that were put to the test, fortunes won and lost over a matter of minutes, clan wars at castle & pking oh man it's been a wild ride so far my friends!

    We would like to take a moment to remember Luke Leary, aka Kryptix and Blake Bassil, aka Saders; previous RSCEmulation owners who have passed away. Without Luke, RSCEmulation wouldn't be a thought today, we're honored that we are able to keep the RSCE legacy alive. Now with that being said lets move on to the celebration of RSCE.[b]

    Today will be a very... Read More

  • Staff Addition

    Greetings loyal RSCEmulation enthusiasts!

    We would like to take this opportunity to announce our newest staff member, Mod Veddy! Veddy has shown his dedication to the server over the last few months whether it be in-game or on our Discord channel. He is pleasantly friendly and has been a superb member of our community for quite sometime now. We believe he shares the same core values and strengths that we look for in a fellow staff member and truly believe that he will help us usher in the next level of Emulation! We have full confidence you guys will enjoy his fun events and level headedness when it comes to quick conflict resolution in game! Please put your hands, swords, and shields together in welcoming Mod Veddy!

    [color=tan][b] As always we would like to thank you all for your... Read More

  • 08/05/19 Patch/Update

    Greetings RSCEmulation friends & family!

    We have prepared a nice patch for existing bugs & known issues. Some of these include changes to the Wilderness, so active PKers should take the time to review these to ensure a better awareness. We hope you find this list helpful!

    Wilderness Fixes/Updates

    [-] When using a portal to Red Dragons, you'll now be teleported to a random spot around the area rather than one finite spot consistently.
    [-] Changed “10 second stand still log out timer” in the Wilderness to 10 seconds out of combat timer.
    [b][-] [color=burlywood]Corrected the 'X' out of client bug, if the ‘X’ is clicked, the player won't log out until they've been out of combat for 10... Read More

  • Passing the Torch

    Hello, my dear friends! It is with a bittersweet, yet hopeful mind & heart that I write to our community today.

    I am officially relinquishing my role as one of the two current Administrators of RSCEmulation. I have endured many challenges in my personal life as of late, and I find myself with the tougher-than-I-imagined decision of which direction to pursue in order to appease both my responsibilities in life and also to this growing community. Quite simply, I have decided that the impending roster change should reflect my wishes for the patrons (whom are ever so loyal and kind) of RSCEmulation to receive the best possible Staff support possible to ensure their time here is well-spent and encouraged. I realize that soon enough, I’ll be in a position where I will be unable to devote the time & care required to be a supporting administrator. Instead, I will be resuming my previous role as a Player Moderator, joining the moderators of the most-cohesive Staff... Read More

  • New IronMan Event!

    Postponed - Due to the amount of people not available to join the event, we will be postponing it for a later date. We will inform you all on when the next date will be! We're very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    We are pleased to extend to the community an invitation to participate in an upcoming skilling marathon, which we hope you will find both engaging & challenging! This is the first time we’ve hosted an event that is totally geared towards the oft-forgotten catalysts of our community: Skillers! Reading below, you’ll find all necessary information to be informed, lock-in your participation, and also keep track of the countdown timer.


    First Place - Red Party Hat + 10,000,000 GP!
    Second Place - Santa's Hat +... Read More