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  • [DAY 3] Global Drops (Santa top, Santa bottom, Candy cane, Santa hat)


    Item Dropped: Santa top, Santa bottom, Candy canes, santa hat.
    Location: Yanille Town


    Event Chests
    ::eventchest - will display how many event chests there are left.
    -After successfully taking a chest, there will be a message on how many is left or if every chest has been taken.

    NPC Drops
    -Altered the drop rate
    -Added a "level-up" sound for notification.
    -Added a pop-up box for the player who got the drop.
    -Added a world wide announcement message when a holiday drop is dropped from a NPC.

    Iban Event
    -Fixed a registration bug.

    These changes will go live for the upcoming cycle.

    Good luck, in the yanille drop party!

  • Rares & Events Week: Don't miss your opportunity!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    Following a huge demand to release rare items, we hope to spark our staking scene, and give back to our loyal players for their dedication and commitment to our server.That being said, we have scheduled a full week of fun and unique events, which will give you all an equal and fair chance at obtaining yourself a rare item.

    Our event is scheduled to run from Monday, March 19th (3PM EST, 12PM PST), until next Monday, March 26th. Below is a comprehensive break down as to what will be dropped, and their respective days:

    Countdown to Event (click to show) ▼

    Monday (March 19th) - Easter eggs, bunny ears, disk of returning, and half full wine jugs.
    Tuesday - Pumpkins, halloween masks, scythes.
    Wednesday - Santa tops, santa bottoms, candy canes, santa hat.
    Thursday - Reindeer hats, grinch masks, elf hats.
    Friday - Christmas crackers, party hats
    Saturday to Monday - Will include a mix of everything.

    If you're keen on getting your paws on a rare, the following list is alternate ways we will be distributing said rares:

    - Every two hours, a random player will be selected to obtain a rare.
    - Farming higher level NPC's in the wilderness, gives you a better opportunity at obtaining a rare.
    - Subscribers will receive a minor increase in their chance to obtaining a rare.
    - Once per day, there will be a "global drop", in a random selected city.
    - Moderator hosted... Read More

  • The Update (1/2)

    Greetings Adventurers,

    First and foremost, we would like to offer our sincere apology to the community, for the long delay in the process of this update. Our intentions as a team, was to deliver consistent updates and fixes in a timely manner, which we failed to provide. Moving forward, we have discussed amongst the team, to deliver more frequent fixes/updates and changes.

    Remember this is the (1/2) of the patch. The (2/2) will be pushed out as soon as possible.

    Download the new Desktop Launcher here: RSCEmulation Desktop

    Website Fixes:

    - Patched a website bug with SSL.

    - Patched multiple "broken" links.

    Bug Fixes:

    - Patched a bug where you would gain experience while in a duel.

    - Patched a bug where the Brimhaven boat did not always teleport your player.

    - Patched a bug where blocking clan invitations did not function correctly.

    - Patched a region bug, where the server would crash, if a player was in a "null" area.

    - Patched a bug where muting a player would cause the unsaving of their characters data.

    - Patched a bug where players would spawn inside the castle, due to random coordinate bounds.

    - Patched multiple bugs that existed in the Merlins Crystal quest.

    - Patched quest dialogue grammar, reported by Drax (many thanks).

    - Patched a bug where sounds would cause your android device to crash.

    - Patched a bug that caused your client to crash,... Read More

  • Account to account transfers

    Greetings Adventurers,

    The functionality to transfer game accounts has been added to the "character management" panel. The cost to transfer a character to another account will be 1,000 gems.

    Please note: We are not obligated to middleman character transfers/sales. Please do such at your own risk (unless a moderator is available AND willing to middleman).

    Best Regards,
    RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • Latest Staff Additions

    Greetings Adventurers,

    Over the past week, we have conducted a series of interviews, and have selected two new moderators to join our staff team. These two new moderators have demonstrated strong game knowledge, the desire to assist other players, and the ability to volunteer adequate time to assisting players in need.

    Please give a warm welcome to:

    Mod Gava and Mod Cobra (insert applause here)

    If you have any inquiries, please exhaust your resources, prior to contacting administration. We suggest the following course in order to maximize resolution to your issue(s):

    - Join our discord and ask in the technical support channel. Alternatively, you can also create a support thread on the forums, or simply ask other players in-game over global ("::g " if you are able to be online in-game).
    - If other players over global could not assist, try requesting a moderator assistance in-game.
    - If no moderators are present in-game send a moderator a private message on the forums. Our staff list can be found here.
    - If you still receive no answer from users in-game, your support thread on the forums, and from any messages to sent moderation. Then we would advise you to please contact our administration.

    Note: If it is an issue that requires administrative assistance, our moderators will relay... Read More