Do you miss the Old School RuneScape Classic?

  • New Ownership, Vision, and Future

    Greetings, fellow RSCEmulation enthusiasts!

    Today marks a very important announcement in the long history of RSCEmulation. As of this post, let it be public knowledge that RSCEmulation has undergone a transfer of ownership from Pyru to  Sil. We would like to show appreciation to Pyru for everything he has done to keep RSCEmulation safe, secure, and alive all these years. Without him, RSCEmulation would have perished years ago. The future of the server has come to a crossroad, and with that being said, the parties involved have come to a mutual agreement that it is time for Sil to take the reigns, and lead us into a much-anticipated future. We would ask that you view this move as a stable and logical one. Sil has been working diligently during his time here to offer new landscape models, player assistance, and more. Without question, he is... Read More

  • Happy Easter!

    We would like to wish every one of you a very special, safe, and happy Easter. RSCEmulation would not be here if it were not for our loyal family members, and from the bottom of our hearts, we just want to say thank you to all for the love & loyalty you've shown us over the years. As we transition through some important behind-the-scenes efforts, we would ask that you forgive us for the lack of an "Easter-themed" event. Instead, we'd like to offer you the chance at participating in a marathon style Undead Viking Raid. Simply log-in, and type ::Event to be teleported to the Raid Maze. At various parts of the day, a member of Staff will hold drop parties to give away Easter-themed items like: Bunny Ears, Easter Eggs, and Bunny Suits! Alternatively, you may find Lorin in-game for FREE Chocolate Bunny candies. These offer a temporary boost on experience (but do not apply to 1x characters).

    Thank you for your continued support. We love our... Read More

  • Unrelated Security Breach - Please read.

    Greetings RSCEmulation patrons and aficionados!

    It has come to our attention that an unnamed server unrelated to RSCEmulation has suffered a security breach. Whether or not this information is valid has yet to be determined, but for the sake of precaution, we ask that any and all members of RSCEmulation change their passwords so as to ensure you are protected. We also strongly suggest that if you are a member of other private servers that you do not use the same passwords as you would here. Rest assured, RSCEmulation is 100% secure, and the source is well-protected. Should you have any concerns regarding this information, please feel free to message a member of Staff via the website, in-game, or our Discord channel.

    Thank you for continuing to choose RSCEmulation as your go-to nostalgia fix!

    - RSCEmulation Staff Team

  • Want to receive promotional Mysterious Chests? Read on!

    Greetings loyal RSCEmulation enthusiasts!

    Here at RSCEmulation, we're focused on expanding our reach and growing our community to deliver the best in-game experience possible. A major part of doing this is by aggressively, yet cautiously, marketing our community on social media. However, we are in the baby stages of beginning our social media presence (better late than never, right?), and in doing so, we will be looking for YOUR help! We understand that your time is a valued commodity; so in exchange for your help, we will offer Mysterious Chests as our way of thanking you for services rendered. What we are looking for is simple!

    - Tasteful screenshots of in-game action (daily events, wars, lotteries, throwbacks, etc.)
    - Short but sweet videos that do not contain copyrighted music or material.
    - Alternatively, "Likes" & "Follows" are worth (1) Chest each.

    Once we receive your media, it will be reviewed for usage on our social media pages. If accepted, the... Read More

  • Claim Your FREE Rewards!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

    If you have not logged in for 15 days or more and are over level 25 in combat, you are eligible to receive 5 free subscription days added to your account, and a free "mysterious chest" which could earn you a rare party hat!

    To claim your rewards you will need to log in to your forum account, head on over to your dashboard, and select "Claim Reward" on the character information tab.


    Don't miss out on your chance at claiming your rewards, they expire in a week from today!

    RSCEmulation Staff Team