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  • Transfers, Changes & More!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Survivors and Followers!


    The community has spoken in favor of transfers from V1 and possibly other servers. We are just in the process of developing the transfer form / page, which will ensure a smooth process. We know right now you have many questions racing through your mind, like will items be included? How will I claim my previous account? In regards to items, yes and no . We want to allow our former players the ability to login and instantly be a part of the action on our great server. We have decided that we will allow the transfer of gear and most consumables related to pking (ie: Rune sets, Runes and Food)

    Where we go with transfers from here is still undecided, we have many options and are evaluating all of them. We want to ensure a smooth transition, and we know V1 makes the greatest impact, based on the number of accounts included in the database.

    Free PK Event

    We will begin to offer free pk events! Our new npc will provide all the equipment during the event period. The gear will be available from a new npc located in Edgeville. Don't worry all this free gear won't be tradable and it will only be able to be equipped during the days the event is running. As we get closer to launch we will announce which days we'll have the event running. This ability to toggle when the free gear is available for use will be given to our moderator team, this should help... Read More

  • Hunt your Bunny Suit!

    Adventurers! You can now start the hunt of your bunny outfit, dropped by any wilderness monster. You have a greater chance to get a drop from a high level NPC.

    The bunny suit pieces (top and bottom) can be recolored by using a dye bottle on them.

    Pink, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Orange and Blue. Talk to Aggie in Draynor to obtain a dye.

    You will be notified with a popup box if you have gotten a drop, everyone on the server will also be notified if someone has gotten a drop.

    The quest for the chocolate bunny has been skipped due to many of our players was not keen to quest to get the item. So instead we have added the item to monsters drops as well as from events. (any monster inside or outside wilderness).

    The Chocolate Bunny will give you +3 extra experience rate and will last for 3 hours per consume. We have decided to not remove the chocolate bunnys after the event is over, which means that you can use them as long as you have one.

    In order to see your bunny experience time type ::bunny in-game.

    Other fixes:
    -The stat changer is now available for all, you do no longer need to be a subscriber to use the feature.
    -You can now use the stat changer in death matches.


    This event will run from Friday, May 11th, until Sunday, May 13th... Read More

  • Easter countdown and Fixes!

    Hello everyone, we are happy by the feedback of our latest update. Here are some adjustments and fixes.

    - A few of our players were concerned if their additional XP in each combat skills were removed, they were NOT. They are banked and you can retrieve all the XP and XP you've additionally trained aswell by clicking the "Restore Original Stats" button and confirm on the stat panel interface.

    - Added a 'Deathmatch Lever' to each cage which you can use in order to get out quicker from your match.

    - Fixed a visual bug where items in the deathmatch screen would not display correctly.

    - Fixed a bug with stats and unwielding of members items happened at deathmatch start.

    - Deathmatch area outside the cages are now P2P.

    - Deathmatch statistics are now in it's own interface and not in a popup box. Displayed for both winner and loser.

    - You can now zoom in and out on any camera view.

    - Fixed thieving batching times

    - Fixed classic mode recieving buffed drops


    Easter Event:
    Shortly there will be an Easter Event Countdown timer added on our website with a ~48 hour rundown. Once that timer has run out you will see a news post regarding the Easter event information.

    Thank you for playing RSCEmulation.

  • You won't want to miss this!

    Greetings RSCEmulation Adventurers,

    Over the last month, we have had a long road to delivering a large amount of updates, fixes, and changes to RSCEmulation. We have outlined it all in the post below. We hope you are as excited as we are about it!

    Combat Skill Capes:

    By popular demand we have implemented our first set of skill capes. The first set of skill capes will include: attack, defense, strength, hit points, ranged, prayer, and magic. To be able to purchase a skill cape, you must reach level 99 in the specific stat, and pay the quest master in Edgeville 99,000GP. This is part of a 2 piece set.


    Skill Cape Hoods:

    To be able to purchase a skill cape hood, you must reach level 99 in the specific stat, and pay the quest master in Edgeville 99,000GP. This is part of a 2 piece set.



    We have added a new Terms of Service acceptance to the game client upon initial login. This terms of service will reiterate all of our rules, which you *must* read and accept, prior to logging in. This will ensure we have done our part to making our users aware of what is acceptable and what is not.


    Chat Changes:

    We have added a new disclaimer to our game client which will inform players that our chat system may contain offensive content. In addition to the disclaimer, we have also added the ability to... Read More

  • Information about upcoming patch & suggestions.

    Late Easter Event
    Chocolate bunny inventory item, an item that will give you 3x experience boost in both combat and skilling, lasting for 3 hours per consume.
    This item can only be gathered by doing a small mini-quest as many times as you like, and the quest will be available for 2 days total. We won't be removing the chocolate bunny item, it can still be used after the event until you run out of them. Once again we will not be removing them like we did with the Holiday Elixirs.

    New wearable easter outfit, a funny looking suit, representing a bunny. It will fit together nicely with the bunny ears.
    Not only is it a funny looking suit, but you will be able to recolor it yourself to other colors such as Orange, Purple, Black, Green, Blue and other available colors.
    At first we thought we would implement this outfit in a part 2 of the mini-quest above, however we know that the majority hates questing so instead we will keep it simple and let you farm the suit from monsters instead.


    Chat options & EULA:
    The community has recently requested options to manage the Trade and Global chat better. Disable or enable messages from said tab.
    This feature has been added to the Settings menu as well as icons indicating if the tab is on or off.

    We can't deny the fact that there was always a lot of trolling in the global chat. Not only trolling but pure disrespect and making new players feel stupid and not welcomed to... Read More