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Greetings RSCE,

We would like to welcome Mod Reb to the staff team. Mod Reb previously helped us on V1 as an event mod. Please give him the same respect you've given the rest of the staff team.

Congrats Mod Reb,
RSCEmulation Staff Team

Views: 288 Replies: 23 Posted by: Louie 21/Jan/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I have made some adjustments to the island that holds whiteberries in wilderness.

-Permanent altar located on the east side of the island
-Added 1 Black Dragon
-Added 4 Blue Dragons
-Added 1 Red Dragon (total of 4 now)


Views: 172 Replies: 15 Posted by: Drax 20/Jan/2015

Greetings Once Again Tonight Patrons,

So Legend's Guild at this current point in time is only worth going to for the missing dragon shield half, right?

Previously, on V1, we had loads of demons and dragons down stairs. We now have other NPCs down there to include one that was never on V1, the Shadow Warrior. The Shadow Warrior is a level 121 aggressive (I believe) NPC that honestly doesn't drop a whole lot so isn't really worth farming. Here is what I've done to fix that. Because the Legend's Guild is a skiller guild essentially, I'm fixing the Shadow Warrior's drops. Now, you will be able to farm six of them to skill. Allow me to elaborate.

I have placed down there a permanent fire and anvil.

Shadow Warrior drops now consist of:
-Uncut sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds
-Raw sharks
-Raw swordfish
-Raw lobsters
-Bones (Normal, Bat, Giant, and Dragon)
-Arrow shafts (30)
-A few herbs and secondary ingredients
-Water filled vials
-Steel, Mithril, and Adamantite bars
-Cosmic, Air, Fire, Death, and Blood runes
-Half keys
-Cape of Legends
-A few other fillers.

Helping skillers, helps pkers.


Views: 249 Replies: 17 Posted by: Drax 17/Jan/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

When I think about how you've stuck it out with us all this time, it really makes me proud. I took a serious look at our dragon drop tables and after getting a quick approval nod of the boss...I threw them out.

I have significantly updated the rune drops for all adult sized dragons. Not only that, I've have decently increased their drop rate percentage. Farming should be profitable now!

For example, only being able to get rune long from red dragons is absolutely ridiculous.
You can now get full set and much more.

Very respectfully,

Views: 167 Replies: 12 Posted by: Drax 17/Jan/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

In light of the recent increases in drops, we would also like to offer a double experience event, that will begin Friday, January 16 (Midnight PST) until Sunday, January 18 (Midnight PST). New and old players, this is the perfect opportunity, to train up those desired stat(s) and characters.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication towards RSCEmulation, the most active, RuneScape Classic private server out.

RSCEmulation Staff Team

Views: 471 Replies: 45 Posted by: Pyru 15/Jan/2015

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