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#1 Sat, Jan 26, 2019 1:47:55 pm

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Rosin - Mod Application

Name: Rosin

Age: 28

Location: Michigan, USA

Timezone: Eastern

How many hours a day/week do you play? 10-30 hours/week usually.

What type of position are you interested in? Event or game moderator.

How would you describe yourself? I have been playing RSC since its release, and have experienced the peak of its time and hold continue to play to fulfill my childhood nostalgia. I have played V1, V2, Unity and V3 and have always loved helping people in game, hanging out chatting, staking, pking and of course edgesitting. I am extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of RSC and would like to continue to help others with anything possible.

What can we expect of you as a moderator? You can expect me to provide a fun, entertaining and engaging experience to the community. I would do my best to run and plan different events to get people excited, online and together. We are a dieing breed and need to do what we can to keep us together and happy. Some events i have always enjoyed are: White Wold Mountain races, 3's FFA with leveling, boxing/staking, pking, hide n' seek, and survival. Not only this but i would continue to help people as needed to insure that people are happy and taken care of with any issue that may arise.




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