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Welcome to the Event Section! Please read

Here we will promote upcoming and finished events.

- ALL events are one character per person (Unless otherwise specified by the staff member). We check this in every event. If a player tries to bring more than one character to an event, they may be disqualified without notice.

- There will be absolutely 0 tolerance when it comes to any sort of cheating or unfair advantages in ANY event, the player may be disqualified from the event without notice. (If the event had a buy-in, the player will not be refunded any amount)

- Players are always welcome to make donations for events! If you have a request for an event, PM a staff member (Or donate to community chest) and we can get one set up.

- Some Events may require a buy-in in order to participate. This will be added to the prize in full. The player will be required to comment on the event thread then put the specified amount in the community chest OR trade it to the staff member IF they are available. The staff member will then update the list of players saying they have entered and paid. If the player comments on the thread but does NOT pay the buy-in, they will not be added to the participants list. (If trading to a staff member, please trade it to the one who created the event originally so there is no confusion)

- If a player buys-in to an event but is unable to participate for any reason, the player MUST attempt notify the staff member so the spot can be refilled. If the staff member is not notified, the player may not be refunded any amount, depending on the situation.

If the event has a player cap

- Once the event is full the staff member will give some notice before the event starts to make sure all players will be online at the time, so keep an eye on that thread! Events will usually be held the same day the thread was started.

Boxing/Staking Events

- All players are are required to bring their own SS's and food.

PK Events

- All players are required to bring their own gear.

- To prevent slowing the event down, please do NOT attack each other before the event starts.

Thank you all for reading this, and have fun!

Feel free to pm me in-game, on forum or on our official Discord if you have any questions or concerns!


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