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#1 Fri, Feb 8, 2019 10:18:49 pm

Moderator Mod Colt
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blocking/obstructing view of an ongoing stake Rule reference

Im sorry to have to announce this, as most of our players are aware; but, it is against the rules to stand on, lay a tree on, or block a stake/duel in progress In anyway, or any item that may allow you to do so. Example given, mithril seeds are not to be planted in the same 3 square by 3 square area as the 2 players engaging in a stake/duel. You cannot stand on another player when they have commenced a stake/duel. It is very rude. It has been said to me by several players, "where in the rules does it say that," or "show me proof." Well here is your written notification and documented post in general discussion marked sticky, that refers to the "do not obstruct the area of a stake/duel in progress. I understand sometimes you can log in, and your already standing on a commenced stake. Accidents like that are un avoidable, and will not be held responsible for simply logging in, or be included in the reason for announcing this rule. "for those of you that think you can find loopholes thru not enough info" or an unwritten rule, Again here is your rule., 99 percent of the community is well aware of this rule, and have too much class to "block a stake"... Thank you!. For anyone who abuses this rule, i will refer them to this page. thank you.


#2 Fri, Feb 15, 2019 8:26:16 pm

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Re: blocking/obstructing view of an ongoing stake Rule reference

haha yes colt! lay down the law!


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