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#1 Mon, Jan 14, 2019 7:48:24 pm

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Few Suggestions

*Edgeville-Clean up a little.
Remove alter near wild in edgeville, there is already one in a church near Oziach.
2 Make-Over mages in Edgeville Suggest to only have one if not none at all in edgeville.
Players should have to walk to where the make-over mage is normally located to give the real feel of RSC.
2 Master fishers in edgeville - Remove one and keep one - Change the free fish to cooked shrimp - Change location to lumby for starter food for new players. No trout or salmon, player can level up fishing or purchase from another player if in need of better fish.

*Auction House remove Npcs out of all banks.

*Add more Auction Houses
Which I see only one is located in Edgeville.
An idea on expanding the auction house in other towns would be a good idea.
Varrock North of West Bank a building with Auction House like whats in edgeville in replace of the water.
Falador west of general store there is some empty area there to place an auction house.
Lumby Auction house-Found it-Replace the Auction house that is current in lumby with the general store an expand the size of the building where the general store is with Auction House with treasure chest like edgeville. One Banker for the only town that has combo of Auction house NPC and Banker NPC in it. Other towns already have banks.


#2 Tue, Jan 15, 2019 6:33:05 pm

Moderator Mod Aaron
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Re: Few Suggestions

There aren't 2 makeover mages or master fishers? What does Egdeville cleanup a little mean?

Why add auction houses when we can just utilize the NPCs?


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