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#1 Thu, Jan 10, 2019 12:51:53 pm

Registered: Mon, Mar 19, 2018
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Multiple different suggestions/QoL Improvements

**DISCLAIMER** - Take the ideas I've proposed regarding the suggestions with a grain of salt. I understand that development for such suggestions would take time. I'm simply providing what I think would be a good step in the suggestions direction. Please leave me some feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing why some suggestions are dumb/wouldn't work.

Normal game play suggestions/improvements:

  • Home teleport:
       ::event is too unreliable and should be reserved for events. For newcomers, this would be easier to use. Make it require 1 magic and 0 runes. The home teleport would teleport the player to their death location, providing another benefit to subs.

  • Prayers past 40 prayer:
       The thought is to make prayer more effective and give incentive to pkers to acquire a certain prayer level (albeit most pkers are flats, so this would only change lower level accounts). I don't believe these prayers should directly affect any combat skills. For example: 52 Prayer - Smite: Drain the opponents prayer by 1/4th - 1/8th of the damage you dealt. 75 Prayer - Craftsmen's Blessing: Gain a chance to masterfully craft an object, gaining bonus experience in the process. 95 Prayer - Divine Healing: Gain health equal to 1/4th to 1/8th of the damage dealt (Only works on monsters). These are just ideas, not given suggestions. The general suggestion is to just add more prayers past level 40.

  • Fixing P2P Wednesday's:
       Self explanatory. Would make viking lair very interesting.

Quality of Life improvements:

  • Altar placed in Al Kharid/Viking Island area:
       The current idea of filling up on prayer via pray pots is an unnecessary prayer pot sink. If I'm going to use prayer pots, I want to be able to use them with what I'm fighting. Since I can't sip prayer pots in this area of wild and paralyze monster doesn't work, using the prayer pots to restore prayer only to have it halved by shadow spiders during the run there should not be an intended way of dealing with restoring prayer.

  • Ardougne teleport added to portals:
       I'm assuming the reason this place hasn't been added is due to it requiring a quest? If that's the case, then that seems silly at this point.

  • Addition of Chest to wilderness mob drop tables:
       The chest should have a very rare chance of dropped on wilderness mob drop tables, as well as notifying the server which mob dropped it when dropped. Considering how they're just being given out with events at this point, I don't see how this would affect much.

  • Skill island being a weekly event:
       Self explanitory. Gives skillers and people trying to train range/farm safely something to look forward to every week.

Viking Lair suggestions:

  • Multiple viking lairs:
       The current meta to killing the viking is taking turns. This definitely slows progress of amount of items in game, which I believe is a good thing, but I believe the experience would be better if there were multiple lairs with a lower drop chance. For instance, the main room can branch off into another room with more spiders/skeletons and an Undead Viking.
       People are wanting to go to the lair, but given how the current meta is anti-pk (because the lair is hard enough to survive and pking has no reward with everyone having 6 different alts parked around the lair hallways), I feel that this is a necessary change.

  • KBD area:
       Having a single KBD area (I believe out of the way, such as the corner where the first set of black dragons are), would give people another place to farm items. I know the focus is on the Viking in the lair, but having a wilderness KBD would prove beneficial to the health of the lair, in my opinion.

  • Agility shortcuts:
       Giving agility the love it deserves, I believe those that grinded that boring stat should be fairly rewarded. A shortcut (maybe two) should be implemented to cut down the time taken on navigating the cave. This would also benefit those attempting to flee pkers with their loot. One at the lesser demon corner (straight shot to lair exit) would prove most beneficial.

  • Dragon relocation:
       Although the lair is meant to be dangerous, I find it hard enough to survive the current lair room that I should have to eat 1/4th of my inventory of swordfish because I couldn't pass a black dragon. Taking an antifire shield to fight a boss that has no use for it is just a waste of much needed food space.

  • Replacing mobs in the lair:
       Poison spiders don't affect the boss at all, just the trek back. They're a pointless addition that I believe could be replaced with another mob that won't deal damage with a DoT. In my opinion, the shadow spiders should be replaced with poison spiders (2 vs alot) and the poison spiders in the lair should be replaced with more skeletons.


#2 Thu, Jan 10, 2019 3:44:46 pm

Administrator Lorin
Registered: Thu, Dec 28, 2017
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Re: Multiple different suggestions/QoL Improvements

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the time and effort you clearly put into this post. It's very informative as far as feedback goes. By now I'm sure you've heard that the Viking and his lair are both still being analyzed and tweaked as needed. We wanted to ease into this transition so as to not flood the market with anything unnecessary. We will definitely be considering your suggestions as well as others in the near future.
As for the quality of life suggestions, I could not agree more. Things like weekly skill events, etc. are already in the works :-). We will discuss some of these in our next staff meeting.

Thank you very much for your time and input sir.

Add me in-game or on Discord for game support & questions/concerns.


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