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The Undead Viking Lair

Adventurer’s Guide to the Undead Viking

The Undead Viking


The Undead Viking’s origin is currently unknown. However, we do know that at some point a shipwreck occurred on a deserted island (now inhabited by various creatures) and the Viking King sought shelter underground in order to protect his most valuable assets – the a Barbaric Helmet and a rather mysterious chest.


Inside the mysterious chest, you will find that items have a way of morphing into other forms, yielding both useful & useless items alike. This is a totally random process. Major benefits may be reaped, or frustration can present itself; just as the Viking intended.

Navigating to the Island

Navigating to the Island can only be made possible by a rowboat. This boat is available in Al Kharid, behind the bank. The cave entrance on the island will teleport you to the Lair.


Inside the Undead Viking King’s lair

Once inside the King’s lair, you’ll quickly find that things have now become extremely dangerous. Besides housing the Undead Viking as well as his minions, his underground lair has now become Wilderness territory. To find the Viking, navigate to the very end of the lair (while remaining as cautious as possible along the way). To exit, go through the cave portal.


Q: What combat level is the Viking?
A: He boasts a combat level of 255, making him the strongest NPC in-game.

Q: Can I use the Paralyze Monster prayer against him?
A: No.

Q: Is this F2P or P2P territory?
A: The lair and its Wilderness-state are both F2P only, so this means the use of God Spells and dragon weapons are not allowed.
Q: What requirements are needed to wield the Viking Helmet?
A: The Helm will require a minimum defense level of 60 and a minimum strength level of 60.

Q: What bonuses do the Helms offer?
A: The Helm will offer a +45 rating to Armour and a +3 to Weapon Power. It is also tradeable.


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