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#1 Thu, Dec 27, 2018 8:06:22 am

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Mage Arena Guide // How to use God Spells anywhere!

This guide will walk you through, step by step, on how to use god spells in the RSCE World.

Requirements: 60 Magic


  • Your attack and strength will be drained to 1 when entering the mage arena.

  • Permitted items in the mage arena: Staves, Magic robes/hats, Amulets, Capes, Foods, Potions

  • Items NOT permitted in the mage arena: Melee, Ranged, Battlestaves, Staff of Iban, Gauntlets

  • ou do not have to kill all forms of Kolodion in one sitting. You can leave the mage arena at any time during the duel (if needing more food) and return back by speaking to Kolodion again. You will begin combat with the form you dueled previously.


  1. Take a portal to the mage arena

  2. Gear up with the strongest magic spells you can and several pieces of food.

  3. Speak to Kolodion and ask him to duel

  4. Begin the duel and kill Kolodion's forms as they come. His demon form is his final form. I recommend spam healing food when the current fight is nearly over to stay topped off.

  5. Once finished with the duels, you'll be ported back to the mage arena.

  6. Speak to Kolodion again. Once finished, click on the portal nearby. Go to "Underground mage arena" if it doesn't automatically port you there.

  7. Speak to Chamber guardians, then go further into the cave and pray to your god of choice.

  8. Return to the Chamber guardians to receive your free staff and cape.

  9. Equip the staff, cape, runes for 100 casts (and if 80+ magic, extra runes for charge), and food.

  10. Go up the ladder, through the cobwebs, then follow the path to the Mage Arena's magical door.

  11. Go through the door, around the arena, and into the arena.

  12. Best method to cast 100 times is to attack one of the mobs, turn on Paralyze Monster, then cast your god spells on the mobs you aren't in combat with.

  13. Once you cast 100 times, you'll get a message in your chat notifying you that you have mastered the god spell and can use it outside the arena.

You're done!

If there are multiple people doing mage arena at one time and finish the duel at one time, Kolodion may glitch and award completion only to the first person that finished the duel. To fix this, just talk to Kolodion again and you'll have to fight & kill the demon form once again.


#2 Thu, Dec 27, 2018 8:53:10 am

Moderator Mod Aaron
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Re: Mage Arena Guide // How to use God Spells anywhere!

Gracias. I'm going to follow this guide later and check to see how well you have written it wink. JK it should help everyone out!


#3 Sat, Dec 29, 2018 7:08:24 am

Administrator Sil
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Re: Mage Arena Guide // How to use God Spells anywhere!

Great job on the guide!

One tip I have is to go in combat with one of the other npcs then cast your strongest spell on Kolodoin through all of his forms, the chances of dying this way are very slim.

Feel free to pm me in-game, on forum or on our official Discord if you have any questions or concerns!


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