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#1 Thu, Nov 8, 2018 4:50:09 am

Mod Cat
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about ME meow

greetings all,

sorry about that, i dont usually login mod character but i do login game. if anyone have problem i will login it. it is because log on mod character 24/7 make me feel like someone surveillance us(IMO), had u even see any mod online real RSC? i did greeting players in game but not global, it my bad. thanks for the advice, i will try it.
the other hand, my first language isnt english, so i cant read it fast and type well. please pm me in game and discord(recommend). tbh i dont use discord, just create it for you all. whatever im online/offline, free feel to send me a message(only few players did), ill reply when i read. im player in game also, mod character is another identity for us to help admin to solve players issue which we can, dont expect im rich. we dont have lottery event rn, i can only use iban event to instead(if you participated you will know what is it). i dont know community chest minimum requirement is 50k, it my fault(because it allow put 1gp in before edited). and if you really want an skilling event, recommend(x3) you to pm on discord/forum, we do allow spawn objects at event.
thankyou all donate us to host an event. dont want you all to misunderstand me, i cant satisfy everyone, events are entertainment, price is bonus. hope everyone can accommodate me <3.

thanks for reading(only applicable for me)


#2 Thu, Nov 8, 2018 5:46:17 am

From: England, UK
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Re: about ME meow

Don't forget you can always ask me for help if you need it !
I'm usually on when you are smile



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