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Dragonstone Ammy Suggestions

Ok so I know that currently the charged Dragonstone Amulet gives you 5 possible teleport locations,  with a 6th option for nowhere.  Now I have completed every quest in the game and I got to thinking,  some quest locations are actually useful but kind of out of the way and far. So what if the Dragonstone Amulet could Teleport to certain wuest locations? What if the 6th option oj the Amulet is to Teleport to Shilo village,  or Tree Gnome Stronghold.  Currently the Legends Cape acts as a Quest Cape seeing as you have to complete all quest including Legends to access the Legends Guild.  What if Teleports were added to the Legends Cape? You could Teleport to Shilo Village,  Tree Gnome Stronghold,  and Heroes Guild.  Now I know this wouldn't be fair to pkers who wish to buy the rights since this favors people who completed legends.  Which is why I suggested adding them to the Dragonstone Amulet.  Tell me what you guys think


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Re: Dragonstone Ammy Suggestions

It is a good idea to add teleport option to Gnome Stronghold or Shilo Village via charged dragonstone amulet. However, those options should (obviously) be locked until they completed the respective quests required to unlock them (eg. Grand Tree Quest, Shilo Village Quest). Attempting to teleport without completing the quests should yield the message: "You need to have completed "insert quest name" quest in order to use this teleport".

We can expand some of these teleports to other guilds such as Fishing Guild, Crafting Guild, Champion Guild and Cooking Guild providing they have the requirement to access the guild. Doesn't have to tie everything to one item. New item can be introduced to feature such teleport (eg. guild teleport tab). If it isn't tied to level or quest requirement, the tab can be coded to teleport the player only to the entrance of the guild

And as for quick teleport to Legend's Guild, it feels right to have the option exclusively tied to the legends cape.


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Re: Dragonstone Ammy Suggestions

Agreed but maybe make just legends Cape and available to access only while wearing Cape. Have a teleport option while it's on, therefore u will have all quests done anyways.


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