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  • Transfer Policy

    We would like to take this time to formally announce our ’Transfer Policy’, as we’ve experienced a recent influx of inquiries regarding account transfers to RSCEmulation from other open servers. At this time, previous RSCEmulation versions are not included in this. Hopefully this will clear up any & all questions regarding our policy, and simplify the process moving forward should you need assistance. To maintain our respect in regards to other valued communities, please do not advertise this policy publicly or privately; instead, we would prefer that the general public discover this information on their own.


    - Screenshot of any existing server of which you are transferring from.
    - Screenshot of the character(s) stats showing the current date to prove the account is recent and un-banned.
    - Create a new character in-game and skip the Tutorial Island.
    - PM a member of Staff... Read More

  • More Updates! (05/01/2019)

    More Updates!

    Hello RSCEmulation community! We are very excited to bring you another round of updates! Please take a moment to review the latest changes/implementations, as they are important.

    In no particular order:

    - RSCEmulation is now featured on the Google Play Store.
    - Ashes have been added to the “No-Bones” setting in player settings.
    - Viking Lair has been added to ::wilderness.
    - ::Commands has been updated in-game.
    - Viking Agility Shortcut now offers the option to pay 100,000 coins to bypass Agility requirements.
    - Players now have to confirm they're going into the wilderness when using the portal.
    - When dying helmet feathers at Thrander, players now have the option to dye all in their inventory.
    - When a Viking Helmet is dropped, a global notification will appear.
    - Lowered delay on ranging another player while PKing after leaving combat.
    - Cannons will now... Read More

  • Skill Capes - Patches/Misc. - 04/29/2019

    Skill Capes

    We are pleased to announce the last remaining Skill Capes, including the much-anticipated Max Cape for the players who have skillfully climbed to the top of the rankings, achieving an 1881 skill total. You may visit the Skill Cape Vendor behind Edgeville Bank in order to purchase any of these skill capes. Please note: Skill Capes do not yet have perks, but we have made a suggestion thread to allow the community to give their valued input so that we may get started on these. Here's the link to the suggestion thread: & our-input/

    Patches & Miscellaneous Updates

    We’ve made some patches that should ensure a better gameplay, some of these are no-brainers while others were just much-needed.

    [*]We are now featured on the Google Play... Read More

  • Staff Addition, 1x Highscores & minor notes

    Hello, friends!

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mod Wavy to the Staff Team! Mod Wavy, also known as Will (Wavywill), has consistently demonstrated qualities that represent what we look for in potential candidates, and we’ve no doubt that he will perform up to expectation and offer a familiar face to this community. Please join us in welcoming him to the Staff Team! You’ll do well, buddy!

    - 1x Highscores are now live! You may access them under the ‘Highscores’ tab via the website, and click 'Veteran' to view them. Let the skilling race begin!

    - We would also like to let everybody know that, effective immediately, V1/V2 Transfers are now closed.

    - Lastly, reducing stat experience now requires a Subscription Card as opposed to Forum Gems. Please contact a member of Staff should you have questions regarding this minor change.

    Thank you for your continued support of RSCEmulation. We... Read More

  • New Ownership, Vision, and Future

    Greetings, fellow RSCEmulation enthusiasts!

    Today marks a very important announcement in the long history of RSCEmulation. As of this post, let it be public knowledge that RSCEmulation has undergone a transfer of ownership from Pyru to Sil. We would like to show appreciation to Pyru for everything he has done to keep RSCEmulation safe, secure, and alive all these years. Without him, RSCEmulation would have perished years ago. The future of the server has come to a crossroad, and with that being said, the parties involved have come to a mutual agreement that it is time for Sil to take the reigns, and lead us into a much-anticipated future. We would ask that you view this move as a stable and logical one. Sil has been working diligently during his time here to offer new landscape models, player assistance, and more. Without question, he is the... Read More